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Its great for a walking simulator!

game crashed in the first 10 seconds lol

I think that this is a great work in progress. I thought it was more cute than scary and I can't wait for Episode 2. Check out my gameplay if you're interested.


I played this game today again, I thought its Chp 2 :/ I know I'm not suppose to post my gameplay again but guys how I opened the Exit door without a Crowbar....No Bear Case in my gameplay  :/

Great concept but a little glitchy! Check my video out. :) Can't wait to try episode 2.


SKIP TO 15:47!!!


Loved the art style, had a bug with the bear but nothing that broke my heart with this being and indie game. I'm honestly really interested to see where the rest of this story goes...

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Thanks a lot :D Episode One is going to have a completely new change with the release of the second one :)


Fun little game! Cant wait for Chapter 2!!!

My channel (opens in new tab)

Thanks a lot :) The game will have a completely new episode one with episode two's release


This game is so scary

The next one is going to be more scarier, hope you're ready


Had fun with the game! Ran into a bug on my first run, but just did a second run through. Lol. Can't wait to see more and hope the video helps get the game cleaned up some! 


This was an interesting retelling, the art style matches the tone perfectly, but I was able to cheese the bear dude by getting him stuck on some furniture. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to the future chapters!


This game was literally incredible! I almost flipped out of my chair playing this and I loved it! Please keep me in the loop as you release episodes of this game! 


I like the premise of a horror game set in an animation studio, and there is some great potential with monsters associated with that. I do have to say though, considering it's so short, it has quite a few bugs. On my first playthrough, the game completely skipped the part with the bear, which was kind of the main point if I understand it. The voice acting also could be a bit better, it was very quiet (I had to raise the volume in post) and could have been read a bit more clearly, but I appreciate the fact that it was there. All in all, I'm looking forward to what the next episode will have in store.

Thanks a lot for reporting this bugs, I'm working super hard to improve the first episode and make the next one better.


So this was fun, and definitely has promise! The only criticism I have right now is the scares are a bit lacking. Well that and the strange waddling gait of the character and the clacking sound when they walk. Still, I'm interested to see where this goes! 


Hi ! I had great time playing this game, even thought I've had a few small bugs, I love that creepy feeling that I've gotten during the whole time playing the game. 

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All I really wanna say is that I LOVE this game and I need more to the story please!!!!!

That music creeped me out haha.  Here's my Let's Play video of the game with a review at the end!

Thank you if you enjoyed it :) See you in the next episode :D

I loved this, it was very short but really good, but i kinda broke it...

Unfortunately the Japanese in the game is uh... not so correct.

"Never Stop Creating" doesn't translate to "しない やめる 作成"

If you were to translate that back to English that would be:

"Won't do. Will quit. Creation."

Or the "Changing Rooms" literally just translates to "(I/He/She/They) will change (a/the) room".

I'm aware that the japanese in my game isn't great, Can you help me for it ;^; ?

haven't finished it yet, because I met with the bear, he came outta nowhere hahaha... but so far, I enjoyed the jumpscare, I also love the music when the new task pop up xD

love the atmosphere too

Thank you if you enjoyed it :D

I loved it! Was a bit shorter than expected, but it gets me really excited for what might come next... good job! :D

Thank you a lot if you enjoyed :) I must tell you that the storage room was supposed to be closed, I'm currently fixing it.


Loved this game !! I can't wait for the next episode !! but the bear used to stuck to walls a bit and once he ran after me and got stuck at the design studio's gate ! but other wise cool game !!

here's my gameplay btw :)

Thank you a lot :D I'm fixing the bugs for a new update which is coming very soon ! And... See you in Episode two ;)

This game is seriously amazing!  Looking forward to episode 2 :)

I liked seeing an indie game with voice acting and overall I liked the game style, as I said on gamejolt I wasn't able to read the notes and the bear got stuck, there were some small things I though could be a little more polished but nothing gamebreaking (except for the bugs) still I can't wait to see episode 2.


I'm working on it, some of the bugs you've encountered are fixed with a new update that is going to come very soon, and Thank you for playing :D See you in the next episode !

It's pretty rare to hear voice acting in these indie games but I want to say good work on that. Sound is always important and your audio was nice and crisp. The monster needs a bit of refinement in it's animation though. Otherwise I'm 100% looking forward to episode 2.

Your game starts at 5:53

Thank you so much :D See you in Episode two :)

There's a bit of liberty in this game with Bendy and the Ink Machine. That's not a bad thing. The biggest issue I had was the bear monster being stuck on walls and the note va volume being too quite.  But beyond that, it's a decent game.

Here's my channel if you want to see other games I've played.

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I've watched it and I promise that the issues you had are going to be fixed as soon as I can. If you enjoyed it, See you in Episode two :)

damn creepy

Thank you so much for playing it :D If you enjoyed it,  See you in Episode two :)

Great job! The graphics, atmosphere and overall game was amazing. I think you should make more episodes and finish the story. 

The concept is similar to Bendy and the Ink Machine but It's awesome. I Really liked it! 

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you a lot for playing :D I'm glad to see that you liked it :) Well, see you in episode two !

Really cool game. Reminds me a lot of Bendy and the Ink Machine. The only problem i have is with the audio. The speaking volume is much quieter then the music and sound effects.

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Thank you a lot for playing it :D I've saw that trough the video, but don't worry, I'll fix these in a very soon update :)

Have a nice day, and see you in episode two !

I'll be playing and uploading a video sometimes this week. Keep an eye out, and I have big hopes for the game


Thank you a lot for playing it :D I'll definitely watch it when your video is uploaded ! Very curious to know what do you think about it

I havent been able to play it. I get error messages whenever I try to open the game. Any way I can fix that?

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Here's how you can :

-Download the game

-On your desktop, create a folder for the game.

-Once the game downloaded, open it.

-Extract all the game archives to the folder

- create a shortcut for the game (If you want)

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I'm glad to see that you liked it, well, see you in episode two :)

Can't wait for that :)) Please add some jumpscares will be highly appreciated :D

That was very good, can't read Kanji but I look forward to seeing the next episode its super scary.  Let me know how it goes.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Episode two is going to be more scarier than the first one, I hope you'll be ready for it :)